iconos de los pasos de dinamo con el producto a transportar

You can count on us to design and realize an international moving plan that will fit your needs exactly. We will outline everything from things like the source and destination locations, right down to the details such as transportation routes and customs consultations.

We can carry out our analysis of your particular situation using information you provide, or we can visit your home or business to give you an exact quote. Both in Argentina and the rest of the world, we and our representatives will work to take the burden off of you, and make your move abroad a success.

Once we've completed our analysis, we will provide you with a full list of possible options for your particular case, and the costs associated with everything. We'll work with you to find the best combination of service and price to fit your needs.

iconos de los pasos de dinamo con el producto a transportar

We can provide all needed packing materials, and our staff can even do the packing for you. We'll also give you a numbered list of all items to be moved, along with the cost for local transportation.

Depending on your specific needs, items can be moved internationally by sea, land or air to the country of destination, always with real-time monitoring through our agents.

Our complete services also include customs clearance, transportation to the final place of delivery, unloading of all items, and basic setup of appliances and furniture

DINAMO Logística Internacional

Av. Pte. Ramón Castillo 1720 –
C1104AMU – CABA – Argentina

(54) 011 5372-6782

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